Editing Dressage Music and Video

 One of Our Views of the Towy Valley Tim Linton does the technical stuff, having been educated in things equine by his long suffering wife Verna. They live in the beautiful valley of the river Towy in West Wales where Verna has run the local Riding club for most of the last decade, and is now focussing on the Dressage 'branch'. Together we have run a dressage show every month (on average) for the last 20 years - lots of learning opportunities! In recent years Verna had been in demand at almost as many shows again, as a judge. (Details of the Club can be found here )        

The Horse that educated us most was a true all-rounder having reached the BRC national championships in Dressage (both classical and freestyle), Show jumping, and Eventing. Although he was competing at medium in BD Dressage he always preferred Eventing. Sadly he had to retire from such strenuous competition. Late in 2009 he gained a young, 'rescued' racehorse, initally as a fieldmate but once he regained his strength he proved so helpful and trustworthy that Verna rode him almost every day.         

Sadly the Eventer died in 2011 of colic and Verna died in May 2013 of Cancer. The TB is still enjoying working.

Sapphire Sounds grew out of the needs of friends and acquaintances for good quality edited music to enable them to indulge their passion for Freestyle Dressage. An interest in video editing and animation meant we already had professional quality software and plenty of computing power so learning to edit the music was easy, though learning the tricks of the equine trade took longer!

The decision to offer an editing service was encouraged by the success of these initial willing 'guinea pigs' whose efforts have helped me make the service effective. Several of them form the team we can call on for help - our test rider competes very efectively at all levels up to Advanced and our choreography adviser is an expert Dance trainer. We must be doing something right as the comments we have received seem to show!